Basic piano chords

In these diagrams the basic major and minor piano chords are shown. These graphics display the position of the fingers on the keyboard. The red dots mark the key that should be pushed. The tones, or different keys, together will form a chord, a harmony.
A Major

B Major

C Major

D Major

E Major

F Major

G Major

A Minor

B Minor

C Minor

D Minor

E Minor

F Minor

G Minor

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Basic Piano Tutorial - Starting to play

The most important thing when you starting playing the piano is patience. Do be in a hurry. Starting to play a new instrument takes time. Takes practise. Don’t expect anything in the beginning. Practise easy songs, practise basic chords (see the basic piano chords article) Get to know the instrument.
And, maybe most important of all, listen careful. Listen to the sounds of the piano, the tones, the harmonies.

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